Pop-Ups...An AmMax Exclusive!

Pop-Ups...An AmMax Exclusive! - Pop-Ups

Unlike blow-in inserts, pop-ups are actually stitched in the magazine.  We print the section so that it's 1/2" higher than the host publication and it can have any page count in increments of 4 (4,8,12...)  Excellent way to feature a shopping center, holiday specials, real estate listings, etc.

(Standard specifications call for the host magazine to have a finished size of 8"X10" and the pop-up 8"x10.5".)


____________________ - Pop-Ups

The Northshore Connection
  This issue is a 20-Page Magazine with 16-page "Pop-Up" stitched in middle.   Pop-up is exclusive for a shopping center.  Magazine is published bi-monthly with pop-up.  Pop-up section (16-pages) is mailed monthly as separate magaine in months Northshore Connection is not mailed (annual contract publication).   Distribution is to 40,000 homes.  Magazine is mailed with DAL card.

Publisher:  Chuck Morris (publisher link)


___________________ - Pop-Ups
Here's the pop-up from the above magazine pulled out.  To create a "pop-up", we print the regular magazine - in this case the North Shore Connection to a finish size of 8" x 10".  We then print the pop-up to an 8" x 10.5" finish trim so that when the two sections are bound, the shopping center insert sticks up 1/2" at the top.  This is an excellent alternative to a blow-in insert when we're printing both products.  It's a little less expensive, and it looks reeeal good!

Other Pop-Up Examples

Other Pop-Up Examples - Pop-Ups

This pop-up is an 8-page home improvement guide.  It was placed in 6 magazines mailing to over 150,000 homes for the May 2007 issues of Bayou Shopper Magazines, Metairie, LA.  Excellent use of a seasonal advertising campaign!

Publisher:  Elmer Eberts, Trobert's Marketing Group (publisher link)


____________________ - Pop-Ups

4-page shopping center pop-up in a 36-page magazine, Coral Springs, Florida Sharp Saver Magazine, May-June 06.  Alternating between pop-up's and blow-in's, this has been a winner for a multi-book publisher and advertisers!

Publisher:  Sandy Liebowitz (publisher link)


____________________ - Pop-Ups

4-page holiday pull-out (pop-up) for a major furniture/appliance store chain.  Placed in 4 magazines mailing to over 100,000 homes in the Nov-Dec 07 issues of Shop St Charles and other regional magazines.   Another example of seasonal advertising!

Publisher:  Elmer Eberts, Troberts Marketing Group (publisher link)


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