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AmMax Publications features quality postcard products in a number of sizes.  Our postcards are four color (4/4), 100# card stock, direct mailed to any target market in the country in minimum quantities of 2500.  The secret to a successful and cost effective direct mail program is the mailing list.  We can customize your list to target the most likely respondents in your area.  Demographic selections include Income, home value, age of children, homeowners, age of home, apartments, businesses type, new-comers, targeted profession, etc.  We can also work with your existing mailing lists.  Regardless, all lists are optimized to assure you're getting the best US postal rate available!

To help send the right message to your targeted market, our professional staff can develop and create your ads to motivate your customers to take action.  You can enhance your magazine advertising program by electing to focus a portion of your advertising dollars on specific target markets and customizing your message to the people you know are your customers!

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Radius Map Sample

Radius Map Sample - Postcards

The sample map is for a mailing of 5000 postcards in a 5 mile radius.  The selected demographics were income and home values.


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