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Mailing Lists - Mailing Lists & Maps

Our mail list program is the finest available, period.  At AmMax, we feel distribution is the single most important part of any direct mail adverstising progam.  It starts with the mailing list.  Our lists are updated the 15th of every month so you always have the most current deliverable addresses.  You can create your mailing list to include homes, apartments, trailers and businesses by carrier route, and you can customize it to your specifications. For example, you might want to mail only homes in a particular carrier route (no apartments, trailers or businesses), but in another carrier route you want to include them. No problem! You can also make your selections based on a variety of predetermined job (or zip/route selected) criteria such as median income level, home values, age, percent of household with children, etc. You can create a mailing list by radius from a given address as well as zip codes or other mailing area boundaries. We can take a customer’s database and optimize it to assure the best possible postage rates are realized.

Sample Page from Mailing List Report

Sample Page from Mailing List Report - Mailing Lists & MapsThis selection report page shows the number of addresses to be mailed by carrier route.  Note that single family homes, apartments and businesses were selected for some routes, but only businesses in others where the income criteria did not meet publishers targeted mailing.  Detail shows median income, home values, age and percent of households with children (PHWC).  Final column shows postal rate qualification (S,H,B).

Summary Page from Above Report

Summary Page from Above Report - Mailing Lists & MapsThe summary report page shows the total number of addresses to be mailed by single family, multi family and businesses.  The total for this report is 50,000.  The report also calculates the postage for SCF entry discounts.  Postal rate qualification is by carrier route for Saturation, Hi-Density and Basic Rates.  Rate calculations are an AmMax exclusive for member publishers!

Overview Map of the Above Mailing Zone

Overview Map of the Above Mailing Zone - Mailing Lists & Maps
This map shows the geographical mailing area for the above report.  This view is called a "job view".  You can also select to view the order by zip code and/or carrier route.  Maps are created and then saved and printed as pdf copies for collateral in sales manuals.

Detail Map Showing Carrier Routes & Streets

Detail Map Showing Carrier Routes & Streets - Mailing Lists & MapsThis map was created by zooming in to a specific area of the above mailing zone and selecting to view by carrier routes.  This is particularly useful when making selections.  Mailing area can be edited (add or delete carrier routes) from the mapping program.

Sample Map Showing Multiple Mailing Zones

Sample Map Showing Multiple Mailing Zones - Mailing Lists & Maps
This map was created to show three separte mailing zones along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Maps of this type promote cross selling of advertising into multiple magazines.

Sample of Radius Map

Sample of Radius Map - Mailing Lists & MapsRadius maps make excellent collateral!  This map was created to show a customer where his postcards (5000) would be mailed to meet his targeted market of homes with median incomes of
$100,000 and above.  Note the customers business name (his location) could have been at the center point of map.

Consumer Report

Consumer Report - Mailing Lists & Maps

Consumer reports are more specific than our standard residence reports shown above.  This report is for a postcard mailing going to 10,000 single family homes.  The customer only wanted homes with incomes above $100,000 (not median route income).  He also only wanted home owners - no rental properties - in the zip codes specified in the report.


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