EXTERNAL WRAPS...Added Customer Exposue!

EXTERNAL WRAPS...Added Customer Exposue! - Wraps
Since USPS regulations only allow one DAL card to be mailed with each magazine, we developed our wrap program to accomodate advertisers who wanted to be "outside" the magazine for maximum exposure and at the same time save money over the costs of solo mailing!


Premium and Standard Card Stocks

Premium and Standard Card Stocks - WrapsWraps are offered in both premium (100# coated card stock) and standard (.07 hi-bulk).  They're printed 16 inches long, folded and perfed in the middle for easy removal and tabbed to keep them coming loose in the mail process.  We wind up with "two" double sided postcards - one on the front of the magazine and one on the back.   Wraps can be sold to one advertiser utilizing all four sides or to two or four multiple adertisers to share the costs.  Wraps provide maximum exposure and return for the advertiser and are highly profitable for publishers incorporating them in there product mix.


Attached Wrap Example...

Attached Wrap Example... - Wraps

Example of Wrap attached to the Chrismas 2007 edition of The Connection Magazine, Duluth/Suwanee, GA., Ron & Trish Vendetti of Lakota Sky Ventures, Inc., Publishers.  Ron and Trish typically add to their magazine advertising programs with wraps, DAL cards and blown-in inserts.   (click here to link to publisher information)


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