Maximize Your Mailing with Blow-In Inserts

Maximize Your Mailing with Blow-In Inserts - Blow-In InsertsAmMax's blow-in insert program is one of the most cost effective in the nation for both publisher's and their customers!  Plus, since the majority of our magazines are targeted to the most significant segment of our communities - homeowners and upper to middle income families, advertisers are sure of getting the maximum exposure to the market they most want to target.  Compare our mailing demographics to traditional insert providers such and newspapers and Advo and you'll see what we mean!

There are no limits to the number or size of inserts we can do.  Cards (all sizes), single sheets, brochures (4,8,12,16 pages, etc), menus, folded pieces, magnet cards...etc.  Inserts can be customer furnished or we'll print them for you. 

This is a win-win situation for the publisher and the advertiser.


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