AmMax Publications' printing program unites magazine publishers with printers and other service providers...
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DAL CARDS (Detached Address Labels) Postcards that are mailed with our magazines -not attached or inserted...
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Support is 24/7. If you need to get hold of us...we're here!
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Detached Address Labels – Postcards that are mailed with our magazines -not attached or inserted – give advertisers a “stand alone” presence in the mail box.



AmMax’s blow-in insert program is one of the most cost effective in the nation for both publisher’s and their customers!


Our lists are updated the 15th of every month so you always have the most current deliverable addresses.


Quality postcard products in a number of sizes. Our postcards are four color (4/4), 100# card stock, direct mailed to any target market in the country.


Business packets for our publishers and customers consist of business cards, advertising price sheets, contracts, menus, sales collateral, etc., that can best represent and promote your business and the image you portray in the community.


AmMax maintains a nationwide network of designers and design firms that we don’t hesitate to recommend and who know our schedules and printers specifications.


Magazine Printing with AmMax

Our printing program offers publishers the best values in cost, flexibility, and product mix to maximize their profits while assuring that their magazines are produced with the highest quality and delivered on schedule.

  • Guaranteed turnaround
  • Scheduled print dates are every week
  • Competitive Cost


Detached Address Labels

Postcards that are mailed with our magazines -not attached or inserted – give advertisers a “stand alone” presence in the mail box at a cost far less than mailing solo post cards…but with the same exposure and returns!  Sorry, only one per magazine issue…

  • DAL Cards (Detached Address Labels)
  • Premium DAL Cards
  • Hi-Bulk Cards
  • Sales Collateral
  • Graphic Design


Enhanced Online Digital Version Of Your Publication

Through AmMax Digital, our publishers can quickly and easily offer an enhanced online version of your publication.

  • Flexibilty
  • Interactivity
  • Mobile Friendly


Lee & Babs Townsend
Community Values Magazine
We write this testimonial with very happy hearts. We have been publishers working with AmMax Publications, since January 2003. We mail 35,000 magazines a month to 2 different demographics for a total distribution of 70,000. Lee does the networking and sales and Babs does the graphics and the business end. Prior to that, we had been with another firm for 2 years and can honestly say there is no comparison between that company and AmMax Publications. The response, respect, and service we receive from AmMax Publications are extraordinary.
Jamie and Kevin Cimoli
City Direct Inc,
Great team of people to work with. The input and assistance when I started my publications was immensely helpful. Pattie's guidance as I expanded has been a huge resource as well. Great team of people to have on your side!
Mike Leath
Island Clipper Magazine
AmMax helps us publishing our magazine a breeze and lets me do my sales while they help with the backend of printing and mailing.
Collette Halford
Slidell Savings & Keep It Local
We consider the company "AmMax Publishing." as a long-term and reliable partner. Quality control and cost effective pricing make them the best at what they do for me and my customers.

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AMMAX based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, offers magazine publishers the opportunity to maximize their profits through our printing program. While our main business is direct mail coupon magazines, we are a national leader in creating innovative products to improve our publisher's (and their customer's) R.O.I.